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Oldest method to treat mental and physical disorders

 According to Hinduism, Om has its own significance by chanting "Om" * and curing all diseases.

No worship is complete without uttering * Om *. How to complete the mantra without spelling * Om * in Mantras ..? But did you know that 'Om' has not only religious significance but also physical significance? Today we tell you the secret physiological uses of * 'om' *. If you take these, all diseases will be controlled.

* 'Om' * and * Thyroid *:

 The pronunciation of 'Om' causes vibration in the throat. This has a positive effect on the thyroid glands.

* Om * and * Fear *:

If you are afraid, close your eyes and take a deep breath five times and pronounce 'Om'.

* Om * and * Stress *:

It does away with the body's toxins. Pronouncing it reduces stress.

* Om * and * blood traffic *:

Helps keep the heart healthy. Saying 'Om' will facilitate blood flow.

* Om * and * Diarrhea *:

Pronouncing this will correct diarrhea.

 * 'Om' * and * Inspiration *:

This helps to stimulate the body in the body.

* Om * and * Tired *:

The easiest way to do away with fatigue is to pronounce 'om'.

 * Om * and * sleep *:

When not getting enough sleep, chant Om. This helps the mind to calm down and sleep well.

* Om * and * Lung *:

 Pronunciation of 'om' reduces lung trouble.

 * Om * and * Spine *:

The vibration caused by the pronounced 'Om' hardens the spine and no longer causes any problems.

The "science" behind the mantra "Om" kara has a long history. The Veda mantras help to lead a healthy path in the path of spiritual attainment. The realization of body and soul can be felt if pronounced following a

The mantra "Om" consists of three words, "ah ma". If you sit in a secluded spot at sunrise every morning at 4 am chanting a mantra, your whole body vibrates (from the brain to the feet).

Open the lips and utter the word "oh" for at least 10 seconds with a loud voice saying "oh" to cover the lips. It is said that the chanting of the "Om" kara mantra 100 times following this step, mental illnesses like physical ailments, toothache .. cardiovascular diseases blood pressure not even close to you.

Practicing this Omka Mantra Japa for children increases concentration in reading as well as enhances memory!

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