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Trick to be a smart and self control person


* One day in the morning the doorbell rang. When the door was opened, I saw a person of attractive stature standing with a sweet smile on his face.*

* I said, "Say yes.."*

*so he said,*

* Good sir, you used to plead with us everyday,* - God replied.

*I said*

*"Sorry, brother! I didn't recognize you..."*

*So he started saying,*

* "Brother, I am the one who made you.

You always say...

... Oh God.., God.. You always used to say that you are not in sight but you are not seen.. come here..! Now today I'll be with you all day."*

*I said teasingly,*

*"What is this joke?"*

Story continued......

*"Oh it's not a joke, it's true. Only you will see me. No one will be able to see and hear except you, me."*

* Before saying anything, mother came from behind.. "Standing alone - what are you doing here, tea is ready, let's come inside.."*

Now there was a little bit of faith in his words, and there was a little fear in my mind.. I was sitting on the sofa after going, so he came and sat next to me. As soon as I drank the first sip of tea, I shouted angrily,*

*"Hey mother.. is this so much sugar everyday?"*

After saying this much, it came to mind that if he is really God, then he will not like that someone gets angry on his mother. Calm down his mind and also explained that 'Brother, you are in sight today... with a little attention.'*

* Just then wherever I am... He followed me all over the house... After a while, as soon as I walked towards the bathroom to take a bath, he also stepped up..

*I said,*

*"Lord, spare me here..."*

Well, after taking a bath, getting ready, I went to the worship house, certainly for the first time, I prayed to the Lord with earnestness, because today I had to prove my honesty.. Then left for the office, sat in my car, then saw the next sir first. Have been sitting since. The journey started when a phone call came, and I was about to pick up the phone when I noticed, 'You are in sight.'*

Stopped the car on the side, talked on the phone and while talking - was about to say that 'the money will be spent on this work' ... but it was wrong, : If it was a sin, then how would I have said it suddenly in front of the Lord? He went out of his mouth, "You come. Your work will be done, today."*

* * then on that day neither got angry with the staff in the office, nor argued with any employee, 25 - 50 abuses used to be unnecessary everyday, but all the abuses on that day, 'No problem, it's ok...' transformed.*

   That was the first day when anger, pride, someone's evil, greed, abusive words, dishonesty, lies did not become a part of my daily routine.

* came out of the office in the evening, sat in the car, then spoke to God sitting next to it...*

*"Lord put on the seatbelt, you also follow some rules... He had a satisfied smile on his face..."*

* When dinner was served at home, it probably came out of my mouth for the first time,*

*"Lord, you take it first."*

* And he also smiled and kept the morsel in his mouth. After the meal the mother said,*

*"for the first time you did not find any shortage in food today. What is the matter? Has the sun come out from the west, today?"*

*Where did I,*

"Mother today sunrise has happened in my mind... everyday I used to eat only food, today I have taken prasad, mother, and there is no shortage in prasad."*

After walking for a while, he went to his room, with a calm mind and a calm mind, laid his head on the pillow, then God lovingly put his hand on his head and said,*

*"Today you do not need any music, any medicine or any book to sleep."*

*Woke up from deep sleep with a slap on the cheeks...*

* "How long will you sleep.., wake up now."*

* Mother's voice was... Maybe it was a dream... Yes, it was a dream but woke up from sleep... Now I understand its gesture...*

 *"You are in sight...."*

* The day they understood that "he" is watching, everything will be fine. Even a single thought in a dream can open the eyes.*

*Just always remember that.....*

We are not in the eyes of the earthly camera but in the eyes of the Lord's camera at all times.

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