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         * 💓 Mother's care *


The doorbell rang. He looked at the clock, it was eleven o'clock at night. Both of them looked at each other questioningly. Who will be so late at night?

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He opened the door and stared in amazement. His wife called out, * Who is it? * Looking at his mother standing in the doorway, he said, * "Mother, are you here, and so late at night?" * And he took her inside.

It was twelve o'clock when he saw his mother and his wife's face. She raised her head and said, "Why did you come here to increase our tension? We have less problems here. We have come to add to it again." *

He was trying to silence her. But she flinched and went inside. Tears welled up in her mother's eyes. He felt very bad. But his wife's temperament was boring, and so was his family. That's why his parents didn't come to him much. And she didn't let him go to the village much. Just like talking on the phone.

He put his mother on the sofa. And brought water to drink for her. And he said, * "Mother, how did you come so late and alone? And your health is so bad, I got a call from my father in the afternoon. I was coming to the village tomorrow." *

Mom said, "Dear, I've been waiting for you, Ray. I miss you so much. I used to ask your dad every day, he said, 'I called, but he's too busy.'

He nodded and looked away. His father had been calling him for 8 days. And on the phone he was saying, * "Mother is in good health. You come and visit her." * But his wife was arguing about going to his village, so he could not go despite his wish.

He felt guilty. That's why he didn't dare to look at his mother. He said to his mother, "Mother, how are you?" * She said, "Dear, I'm fine now. I'm free of all diseases. That's why I came to see you. It's been a year since I've seen you." *

* "And you don't want to meet us, baby. What's more important than mother and father? Well, let it go, I met you and now my mind is calm." *

Just then his phone rang. The phone was charging on the table. He removed the phone from charging and put it to his ear. There was a crying voice in front of him, * "Rahul beta, your mother has left you forever." *

* "What?" * He was shocked. * "Baba, what are you talking about?" He looked back and saw his mother on the sofa. He searched all over the house for his mother, but he was nowhere to be seen.

Now he was sweating profusely, his limbs trembling. Now everything was in his mind. He slapped himself hard on the head with both hands And cried * "Mom". *

Hearing his voice, his wife came running into the hall. He was lying on the ground and crying loudly. She looked around and saw his mother nowhere, she approached him and said, * "What happened to you, why are you crying?" *

He looked at her angrily and gave a loud push. She fell to the side, he said to her, * "Because of you .. only because of you .. a mother had to die for her child.

And looking up with folded hands, he said, * "Mom .. Mom .. I'm sorry .. I'm your culprit". *

* All grandchildren will be found again in life, but parents will be found only once. Those who spend their whole lives just for your happiness. *

They just ask you for a few moments in your life. Definitely think!


* Your bet, and your parents' bet. *


Once parents go home, they will never come back in your life.


Hey, Mom and Dad never expect anything from you.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

* Never let any crisis come in the life of our children *. *


    Keep them happy, contented and happy forever.


    So take care of them as much as possible.


They care for your children even when they are sick.

* It is only when they go to God's house that they understand what parents are. *

            * So stay with them as long as you can. *


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