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Good sleep is secret of success

 Many people nowadays suffer from restless and sleepless nights due to various reasons such as emotional stress, physical pain, noisy surrounding or something else can be environment. Very few get good sleep which is essential part of our lives which refreshes our brain and boosts our body.

Author of today's article

Author of today's article and young ResearcheršŸŒ± -

Saloni Ramswarup Panchariya

People who are having sleeping disorders such as Insomnia, Delayed sleep disorder are likely to appear less active in thier work and in thier lives ...

So we can try to improve our sleep quality by using some simple techniques as follows....

1) One should maintain a proper sleep-wake cycle. Because our subconscious mind works on the patterns of our thoughts and habits. so it is very important to maintain a proper sleep-wake cycle. It will help to make you sleepy at a particular time of your sleep.

2) Darkness is stimulant to release the hormone melatonin which produced by pineal gland and it helps to induce the sleep at night ..So one should avoid bright lights during night such as screens of laptops ,mobile phones,televisions and any other ..It will help to promote sleep by enhancing brain default mode network (DMN)

3) The atmosphere of sleeping place should be cool as it induces our body to better sleep and keeps our mind calm.

4) One should avoid caffeine and alcohol during night time as this can cause sleeplessness .This are stimulants of sleeplessness.It can cause you to feel less sleepy .So it must be avoided.

5) One should not lye im bed or at the place of sleeping for long time as it can cause a association with that place so by walking out from that place one can break that association and it will help mind re-associate and somehow it can help to induce sleep.

As mentioned above this are some basic ways to avoid sleep disorders ..

Many of us suffer from this. Taking sleeping pills or anti-anxiety drugs can be harmful for long term they are habit forming drugs. So its a better way to rely on something natural.

It is necessary to have a good sleep otherwise a person can have nervous breakdown ,nerves can get damaged and in severe cases a person can suffer depression amd may be death.

So it is necessary to maintain a good sleep during these busy lifestyles ....

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