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Jesht Madh as best herbal medicine

 A piece of elder honey will cure sore throat.(Jesht madh).

 Due to climate change, many people feel sore throat. It is possible to control this sore throat with some natural remedies rather than pills. Licorice is beneficial for this.

For this, keep chewing a small piece of honey regularly.

Author of today's article- Neha Dilip Gaikwad

Benefits of elder honey?

Stimulation of the brain- 

Licorice stimulates the function of the brain. Its antioxidant properties strengthen brain cells.

Heart Health-

 Licorice helps in controlling cholesterol levels. Thus it helps heart patients if used wisely by consult of doctor.


Lymphocytes and macrophages contain essential elements to improve the body's immune system.

Hormonal Equilibrium- 

The phytoestrogenic component in honey helps to keep hormonal imbalances regular in women. Licorice helps to control menopause.


Licorice has the ability to inhibit the growth of harmful microbials in the body. - This reduces the risk of the virus in the body.

Anti ulcer- 

Lemongrass has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and helps in controlling stomach, intestinal and oral ulcers.

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