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Nature helps you in studies

 Nature is mother of creation. So we should have to respect our mother.

Young 🌱 Researcher and author of today's article- Name : Suryateja Vireswarsai Akella

 What is meant by nature?

° The word " nature" which attracts towards physically as well as mentally like animals ,birds,trees, plants, fresh air and human beings it inspires you a lot .

 Physically: It attracts towards living and non living things.

Mentally: It relaxes your mind ,body and you feel so peaceful.

Whenever you listen the word " nature" it flashes out the news in your mind with full of greenery ,rocky mountain 🏔️ ,water falls etc Although humans are part of nature ,human activity is often understood as a seperate category from other natural phenomena.

Benifits of spending time with nature.

° It relaxes your mind and whole body.

° It activates you physically as well as mentally.

° when your spending time with nature it gives you various feeling, with your senses you can expirence it.


One small suggestion.

          Daily spend the time with nature at least 15-20 minutes specially in indoors offcourse we can't go outside at this pandemic time so indoors just sit 🪑 in a garden 🏡 or near by your windows in home 🏠 or near by your balkoney and just use your senses that is nose ,eyes,ear .

 Eg .

° nose: you can smell the various types of flowers 🌻 and in rainy season you can feel the smell of a soil .

° eyes: By looking outside of the window 🪟 or balkoney or sitting in the garden 🏡 you can see the various types of trees ,plants etc .

° Ear: you can listen the voice of various types of birds etc and most important thing while doing this all things you have to feel it than only you can keep your mind calm .


        According to WHO in india near about 1-2 lakh and in world near about 8-10 lakh people suffer from depression and anxiety per year due to this thing people go attempting suicide .

           The recovery rate of depression and anxiety is just 50% .what about remaining 50%? 

       So plz spend the time with nature scientifically it is proven that spending time with nature it heals you from inside ,it relaxes you from mental stress, anxiety , depression, fear, it lifts your mood it boosts your confidence and increase your self esteem . nature is having best healing capacity .

          So finally what I am going to tell is that just spend the time with nature atleast 15-20 minutes . 🙏

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