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New immunity booster against coronavirus?

Micronote of the day on immunity.

 * Eat a water-soaked seaweed daily… Do you know what it is? *


Watch comedy animation on how coronavirus vaccine works.πŸ˜„

It is difficult to consume as it is weed. So dilute it before consumption. The same is good for the body as you soaked in water and drank seaweed. Protein content in chickpeas is very rich in vitamins. It is very useful for health…

The plain kale is very good for diabetics patients. It lowers blood sugar levels.

Protein content in chickpeas is very rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6, folate, manganese, calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium. It also boosts immunity.

Chickpeas play a major role in reducing body weight. Kabul chickpeas soaked in the morning should be served daily. It gives you a stomach full feeling. Don't feel like having to eat repeatedly.

This product is a common so soak in water and use it. It is also good for heart health.

Consuming chickpeas regularly soaked will alleviate all hair problems. Hair loss is reduced.

As you grow older, blood flow will not ease and the blood clot are observed. If you eat a soaked Kabul chickpea, blood clots will decrease.

Soaked chickpeas increase digestion power.


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