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Proper music as therapy helps you in studies

Music 🎵 is the science which has energy to convert bad or sick mentality to positive and victory mode. It may be baby or elders all like any mode of music. Classical or hip-hop every people have different taste in music.

In fact if we think in relation to study music plays an important role in it.

Young 🌱 researcher and musician- 

Daksha Sajan Chankeshwara

 🎶 Music with study:

Increase concentration and helps to focus in studies.


1- Don't listen lyrical music, just listen silent nature orientation music, it helps. When we  study we may get bored sometimes, so by listening to songs you get fresh.

2- Loud or aggitated music can adverse effects of your mind

What is impact of music on us and comments from different students-

What Miss. DAKSHA says-

1- music is a soothing , relaxing it helps to reduce stress beat.

2- don't use radio songs use mobile play list 

Becoz when we listen radio or FM songs we can distracted by the add

So don't do that.

3- when our study time is 10 -14 hrs music can help u.

4- 1st 1-3 hrs try to study without music then next to hrs... U can listen short time of music.

5- u can create a good playlist like

- soft classic music

- instrumental music

But only music can listen not a lyrical songs.

Conclusion from Daksha-

* It can be help to your increasing concentration and focus in studies. In some cases music can help to memorization, swing mood can change positively changes .

Positive thinking can help you in studies, mind will do excellent work by using proper music.

Extra tip-

If you need music of your nature or choice contact the experts like Dr. Patil or visit us

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