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Self confidence helps in studies?



• Lots of teenagers are lossing confidence due to lots of stress of study and exam because they are always think negative while studying, that they will fail in exam, without giving exam.

Young 🌱 researcher and author of today's article- Chetan Dattatray Mandlik

• The confidence is a skill that you can learn.

• No one is born with natural SELF- CONFIDENCE.

• Confidence is having believe about your self and your abilities.

• Self confidence means TRUST ON OURSELVES with full of inner strength.

• Self confidence is the knowledge that you can do something and do it well.

• Self confidence comes from first hand knowledge of the task at hand , knowing your strength and weakness.

• Self confidence is extremely important in almost every aspect of our lives.


1) Control confidence killers.

• Stay away from negative thinking people smile more, stop comparing yourself with other believe in your own ability, look forward not back, have a focus.

2) Find out how you look.

• Find exactly how you look and sound when you're talking to people, either socially at work.

• Take your own communication test.

3) Stop being distracting.


• Find out if people see you the way you think they do.

• Be aware of any bad habits if you have .

• Work out how to adapt to look super- confidence.

4) Use great body language.


• Make a great first impression among all.

• Maintain eye contact, use intonation in your voice to sound engaging.

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