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Smile a day keeps stress away

 What is smile or meaning of laughing face.

 Young Researcher 🌱 and author of today's article- Harshada Jayawant Joshi

   When a person see/watch/perceive anything funny, weird or which is beyond imagination then that person reacts to that weirdness and laugh. 

Importance of laughter:-

1. It relives pain. 

2. Enhance your mood and you feel fresh and happy😊

3.It also increases the lung capacity.( which is good in this pandemic situation.) 

4. It creates positive energy in your body. 

5. Decreases your stress level and depression.

6. Decreases your anger. 

Why laughter is so important nowdays? 

Yes, absolutely.

Nowadays, people's are suffering from a lot of tensions, stress and depression, etc. And I think, they forgot to be happy or to relax. So, laughter is the best way to overcome all the stress and tensions. 

Is laughter is the best medicine? 

Yes. Our all the emotions are controlled by the frontal lobe which is a part of brain. 

So, when we laugh our body decreases the stress hormones and increases the immune cells which are infection fighting antibodies. 

It also releases the endorphin which is natural feel good chemical. 

Also, it is the best medicine for all the diseases like blood pressure, cancer, etc. 

Note:- It is a yoga for daily 30min in the morning to get a happy and healthy life.

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