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Tulsi cheapest antioxidant against coronavirus?

Detail of nutrients in basil/ Tulsi.

A variety of nutrients are known to be beneficial to man's health. Extracts of green leafy vegetables are hidden in the banana leaf. It has low calorie content, including Vitamin 'A', Vitamin 'C', Vitamin 'B9', Iron, Calcium, Copper, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium and many other minerals. There are also two antioxidants - lutein and beta - carotene.

1. Basil/ Tulsi has a reputation as a universal remedy for everything from mouth ulcers. Long ago, our elders have been using basal greens in their daily routine. This article describes some of the health benefits that can be caused by the consumption of basil.

2.The heart's trouble distance

Folate content is high in basins. It usually lowers hemocysteine ​​levels in the blood. Hemocysteine ​​heart attack and paralysis factor in man.

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3. Converting the folate content of hemp cysteine ​​into a methionine content makes the body more susceptible to metabolic processes and anti-oxidant activity. The findings also suggest that consuming too much of the folate content may prevent cardiovascular problems.

4. Freedom from mental depression

Regular consumption of basal greens can relieve some of the stress and anxiety of each day without any medication. This is because the folate content in the basil is infallible.

5. People who are already suffering from depression and who want to break away from the society will find that this aspect of their inner self is once again giving them renewed vigor and mental health.

6.Food dish

Dementia is alleviated

If a large amount of homocysteine ​​is present in a man's body, he will soon be diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer's disease. In addition, if there is a deficiency of iron in the body, the mind will not be able to function mentally.

7.But it is said that these problems can be corrected by folic acid and folate content. Cassava is a characteristic that increases cognitive function and enhances memory.

8.Cancer Repellent

Basil is a natural food item belonging to a vegetable group. Naturally, many of these vitamin supplements are important in protecting the human body from many life-threatening health problems.

It is important to remember that this has been proved even in the ancient Ayurvedic system. It has been said that regular health problems, such as bowel cancer, breast cancer, lung and brain tumor, which people face in their lifetime, are often blamed for regular consumption of nutmeg.

10.Basic medicinal properties

Boosting can help increase hunger

Eating three to four days a week can increase digestion. So it increases appetite.

11. Boil is useful in reducing mouth ulcers

Basil is an easy home remedy for mouth ulcers. Wash the leaf of the tulsi thoroughly and gently rinse in the mouth, so that the mucus content in it will relieve the sores.

12. Utilization of balsam to reduce carbon inflamation

To reduce the inflammation of the organ, reduce the inflammation of the limbs by grinding the basil and applying the mixture to the pelvic floor. And the foot is cold.

13.Panel is used to remove pus

The pus (bad blood) in the Kuru comes out by grinding the basil and applying it on the Kuruva. And inflammation is also reduced.

14.Collections of constipation from baby

Constipation can be reduced in young children and pregnant women by consuming the infusion of a bottle of nutmeg, drinking it, or using the baby's daily diet.

15.The green leafy cure heals the burn

Burning wounds are always very inflammatory. To minimize this, remove the juice of the basil, add butter to the juice, and soak the burn, cool, reduce inflammation and slowly heal the wound.

16. Boss can help increase body weight

Using basal greens at least 3 days a week helps in smooth digestion, keeping the body healthy and even gaining weight.

17. Basil for skin glow

Dry skin is major concern in many people globally. Sometimes the skin becomes dry in summer. Dry skin regains its shine and makes it look radiant by using basil. Dry skin is also relieved from itching.

18.Amino acid, iron and vitamin 'B12' available

Important information-

Most of the recent people are having anemia due to lack of iron content in their body. Anemia is a problem as red blood cells not form in the body.

19. Folate content in lean greens helps the brain to function better by providing amino acids by properly absorbing the vitamin 'B12' available in the body.

20. Helpful for pregnant women

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