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Spiritual breathing accelerate your study habits

 Spiritual breathing

* What is mean by spiritual breathing?

  ° spiritual breathing is obeying a god through inhalation and exhalation 🫁 . when you inhale in positive things will enter in your body and when you exhale out negative things will go out from your body.

° it's bring energy into us.

° breathing is a miracle we don't stop to think about very much,we just do it and it keeps us alive.

° spiritual breathing , like physical breathing it is a process of exhaling the impure and inhaling the can became a good way of life.

° as we know nowadays we face so many problems in our life ,our life is resulting in frustration ,on our own We may at times have a fresh start in life only to lose it Again , negative thoughts, angry words,etc . now we will see how could this help us or change our minds.

° it could change by learning and applying the concept of spiritual breathing which is like physical breathing in that;

 1) You' exhale' by confessing your sins as soon as you become aware of it and claim god's forgiveness and then it remove all our negative thoughts from mind.

 2) You 'inhale' by asking the holy spirit once again control and empower you to help you from returning to that sin.

 ° Usually we don't give much thought to our physical breathing .but spiritual breathing is something that requires consious action a readiness to "exhale" or confess our sin and to "inhale" or trust God to fill us with holy spirit.

" Techniques of spiritual breathing " 

Breathing techniques
Author and young Researcher 🌱 of the article-
Name:Laxmi Veerpalsingh Rajput

° 4-7-8 breathing. How it works.

 4-7-8 breathing technique is a breathing pattern was developed by " Dr. Andrew Weil". It is based on yoga technique called "pranayama " which helps in breathing . 

° How it works ?

  ° breathing techniques are designed to bring the body into a state of deep relaxation .

° if a person learn to hold the breath for a period of time then that person is able to fill the pure oxygen .

° relaxation practice is helpful for our body back to a normal when we are stressed .

° this is helpful when a person is suffering from sleeplessness due to stress and anxiety.

° how to do it 4-7-8 breathing exercise ?

° first ,let your lips part make a whooshing sound ,exhaling completely through your mouth .

° next close your lips inhaling silently through your nose as you count to four in our head 🗣️

° then hold your breath for 7 second .

° make another whooshing exhale from your mouth for 8 seconds. 

Benefits of breathing .

° decrease your anxiety 

° manage food craving and control emotions

° you can have a proper sleep

° control anger

° it make our memory sharp.

° it helps us to heel from depression.

Nowadays healthy life is very important for this people choose gym ,but in ancient times the people doing exercise like yoga pranaym so their health is very good as compared with today's generation.

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