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China Virus “no warranty and guarantee”


     China Virus “no warranty and guarantee”

Kwok-Yung Yuen and the team from the Hong Kong University recognized a 33 years old person tested positive again from coronavirus as previously he was recovered in April. This person was tested positive again after 4 months. His history says that he traveled Spain via the United Kingdom. The blood sample of the patient was tested genetically and it was found that the second infection was due to a virus but it was genetically distinct from previous exposure he encountered. The lucky part is he never developed any symptoms. Due to strong immunity new fresh stock of antibodies was developed by him. This proves that there is relapse like condition in few patients as I discussed yesterday in a previous article (check this) “

The China articles are cheap and come without 100% quality also are poor in performance.  Thus Chinese articles come with “no warranty and guarantee”, similarly on the same grounds the Chinese virus (COVID-19) is turning to be dangerous and unpredictable. Patients are getting cured and again there is the reactivation of the same.

So scientists are totally confused with this strategic behavior of the virus, finally its China mal. Earlier it was called a fomite infection, later it was declared as an airborne infection that spreads in the air. So lots of confusion. Initially, the N-95 mask was considered important, then the WHO declared to use a triple-layer mask instead of N-95. Finally, Indian ICMR said that N-95 is better. So at the current position, scientific groups are totally confused by this China virus. Till date, many viruses attacked the world which includes Ebola, Swine flu (H1N1), SARS, but the world never got lockdown at those time. But this China's virus proved to be a headache for all world. So this virus is not trustworthy.

Just as a reminder “we cannot wait for the vaccine to come in the market, as we needed it desperately,  so it’s time to follow our own holistic measures to get strong ourselves.


B    A)     Regular exercise, yoga

C    B)     Sanitation. 

A   C)     Follow good hygienic daily schedules such as a balanced diet (rich in Vitamins like A, B and C)

      D)     Bonus point: use the steamer in order to burn the virus in nostrils and prevent its entry into lungs

E   E)      Seasonal fruits for better results.

F   F)      Make your lungs stronger by deep breathing practice in order to increase the vital capacity of lungs

G  G)    Kadha (Herbal Potion) etc

So don’t panic by this virus, hope so one day it will get deactivated itself as its finally as China product.

Stay home, stay healthy

If anyone wants deep breathing exercise they can contact me (or comment me at the end of this article, happy to help)

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