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COVID-19 never kill but assassinate?

 Death in COVID-19 is not due to coronavirus, but it is due to the secondary infection.

Now, what is the secondary infection?

The immune system in coronavirus gets collapsed which damages the respiratory system. The other bacteria or virus which attacks the weakened immune system of COVID-19 patient is called secondary infection. The patient of COVID-19 is highly susceptible to secondary bacterial infection. The probability of other viral infections also increases. This also triggers the pulmonary damage that we call as the pneumonitis. The lung filled with the fluid is called pneumonia. This swab if we test it may be positive to many bacterial or viral colonies. Even the person infected by any bacterial or viral respiratory diseases is highly prone to coronavirus infection, it's vice -versa. Thus, in this season we have to take great precautions not to fall ill. It is a need of time that minor infection is needed to be cured as early as possible, as it is said stitch in time saves nine.

If you get minor throat pain or fever don’t get panic as all respiratory diseases or fever is not COVID-19.

The antibiotics are used nowadays for the treatment of COVID-19, the reason behind this is to treat a secondary infection. Antibiotics don’t have the ability to kill the coronavirus. Bacteria and viruses in the case of secondary infection act as brothers of each other. They enjoy the host's poor immune system and damage the respiratory system of the host with double efficiency. Thus the mixed infection becomes very difficult to treat as we not know the specific bacteria causing a secondary infection. Doctors mostly use broad-spectrum antibiotics as the unknown secondary infection is not known. Sometimes the antibiotics resistance if developed may precipitate severe problems which are rarely possible (example- big bug).

So don’t think too much. Prevention is better than cure. Have faith in yourself and your immunity. If you get infected don’t get panic or have fear “”, as it is very dangerous. Doctors are best and they do best for their patients, trust them. 

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