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What our old parents demand from us?


What our old parents demand from their family?

Amitabh Bachhan while conversion with the Shashi Kapoor in a movie said that “"Aaj mere paas building hai, property hai, bank balance hai, bangla hai, gaadi hai..kya hai kya hai tumhare pass?" The golden reply of Shashi Kapoor: "Mere paas maa hai." 

These golden words give us a goosebump. As I told last day “” that our parents are living god on the earth. It is the only truth in the universe, and no one can deny this fact. Due to the heavy workloads and work nowadays people never care for their parents. We take them for granted. If we can’t worship these living god then we don’t have the right to hurt them. By knowing or unknowingly means in our daily lives we ignore our parents as they have turned old. Even the famous mathematician Sakuntaladevi (human-computer) during her last days accepted that she ignored her mother during her young age, but felt happy that her daughter remained with her till her last breath. She told that besides having fame and money she lacked love. She had some misunderstanding with her daughters in the early days, but at last, she denied all money and demanded her daughter’s love. She was lucky to have her daughter back in her life. These examples make you realize the importance of our parents. We the young generation with adrenaline rushing in the blood work hard for the completion of our dreams forgetting the demands of parents who had sacrificed their lives for our development. They did not demand the money, property, or luxurious life, they only are hungry for our love. At the end of the day, you may have the all riches but life without parents is like hell. “It’s better to be the servant of the heaven at the feet of God (parents) than to be the king of the hell”- Dr. A R Patil.

Today I am going to highlight some important part that one should not ignore.

A)   Depression- Many times a single parent faces many physical and psychological problems as compared to the old couples. If any of the partners is ill then they understand and do take care of each other. In the absence of a partner at old age, the elders face many problems. They feel embraced (shy) in their own home that also in front of their own son or daughter for the sake of basic needs. They even shy to ask for some food articles during lunch and dinner. As a dietician, I would say that these people need extra food (in less quantity but mostly) and they feel more hungry frequently as like your small kid in your home. The life of a baby and old person is the same I believe. One is without cognitive abilities and the other is lost due to the age factor. So it’s your prior responsibility to look after their and don’t make it as the issue of depression. These things are mostly not seen in the joint family but are observed in nuclear families where the child is raised without relatives. Just look at the minor needs of them and be with them, nothing more they will demand. As I told in the previous article “” you can maintain a simple dairy and do the work in that accordance. If not possible to interact with elders daily, you can spare some time with them at weekends. You can plan some surprises like a walk or outing with family. This will keep their body working, as we know that if the machine is not working for a long time one day it will lose its efficiency and get deteriorate. So don’t forget that human-being is also a machine. So oil it and lubricate it. Your kind words with your parents will work like lubrication.

In the next article, I will come up with more exciting activities that will strengthen the bonds with your elders (old mother-father). If you keep them mentally healthy this will decrease the frequency of physical illness as we all know that our mind controls our body. Just remember that one day you too will become old.  

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