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Is corona re-lockdown going to help us?

Coronavirus outbreak is again back. Many countries are facing wave two while some are facing the third wave.

Wave two of coronavirus: Updated Video:

Really re-lockdown is the correct option to prevent the spread of the infection.

The issues have become very critical. We already were planning to start the schools and colleges after a long time but again the spread of the infection is coming like waves. First waves… 2nd, 3rd etc., we don’t know how many waves are going to come.

Many peoples have lost their jobs. Many lost their source of income. Many peoples from underdeveloped countries are not getting a single time of food for a day.

In such circumstances due to think that re-lockdown is going to work?

If people are losing there temper due to loss of job and source of income then people will die due to these reasons instead of coronavirus.

One of my friends was working in a firm with a good job and was highly qualified (PhD.) but due to coronavirus lockdown, he lost his job. Currently, he is doing a job in a mart as a gatekeeper. It’s is really a hurt pain issue.

If the country face again the lockdown then

     1)    People will turn mad due to depression

   2) Students will lose interest in the study. Click here to know the reason for this (

     3)    The income of the country will fall down

     4)    People will get isolated in such a manner that they will no more be social

    5)    Humanity will end. (During the lockdown one person faced an accident on road. No one came to help him due to fear of coronavirus. The person lost his life on the road. This news was literally very shocking and full of shame.) Who is responsible for such things you feel?

   6)    Newborns are not yet seen the nature or outside world due to coronavirus. They are facing new psychological issues. They are having phobia and fear to meet or interact with new peoples.

So just reply is re-lockdown is the real solution for the second or third wave of coronavirus pandemic?

Just give a comment and share your opinion on it. 

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  1. Sir i think its not a real solution for it but on other hand if you are safe then only you are going to work



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