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Who is responsible for the second wave of coronavirus?

  Who is responsible for the second wave of coronavirus?

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If we talk on this topic you will get mixed and opposite answers.

Most healthcare people will blame the public. They will raise questions on the unhealthy routine practices of people in society. It may include social distancing. It may also include the use of masks that are not approved by the FDA or government health bodies. Most people are nowadays using a simple cloth of cotton as a mask to show to the police or to the government in order to get rid of penalties as rule. This is on the opposite side increasing the risk of the infection. Some people are using the same mask for months without washing or sanitation practices. Some people were using the mask as fashion and keep it in their pockets after the use. The next day the same mask was seen on the face and then removed at the time of lunch or brunch. This kind of practice is increasing the chances of infection by 200 times.

The public is blaming government policies. 50% of the people are asking for a re-lockdown, while 50% demanding some alternative solution for the prevention of the spread of disease.

The government is blaming the people for breaking the rules and regulations such as social distancing and sanitation practices. Will the re-lockdown be the solution for ending the pandemic situation? (  

The students and people on the job are falling prey to the new policies and fear factor of coronavirus. 

All are waiting in queue for the new vaccine arrival with its 100 effectiveness. But the question remains the same that who is responsible for the second wave of a pandemic?

Will the second wave will be more dangerous as compared to the previous hit or will be minor?

You do suggest? And comment on it.



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  1. In this case all the people should follow strict rules or they are going to take risk for their own life and others too , re lockdown should be there but for little time so it would break the chain and their would be less infected people .



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