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Coronavirus infection first time ever hits Antarctica

Coronavirus infection has affected each and every part of the world including animals especially mammals.

But first time ever in history the infection has spread out to Antarctica. New 36 infections cases are reported among people stationed at a Chilean research base.

Spanish-language media gave the information about the infection at the General Bernardo O’Higgins Riquelme research base on Monday.

The 36 crew members reported positive were evacuated to the city of Punta Arenas in Chile. To confirm the severity and infection condition these members are kept under isolation and in medical supervision.

This outbreak at Antarctica halted all major research projects for a while. This has not affected the environment at that part of world but first time ever the work at the continent is disturbed.  


The most positive part is the continent is not a permanent resident’s area for the public thus only the scientist all over the globe of around 1,000 working as researchers stayed on the island over winter, as per the Associated Press.


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Apart from the disaster reported at the continent, the new issue raised is about the virulence of the new strain which is showing 70% more super-spreading nature as compared to the previous existing strain. (

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 The UK media reported that the new strain has showed change in the RNA pattern as compare to the previous reported strains.  This is the natural tendency of the virus to show the mutation after a particular period of time, but the nature and virulence depends on the environmental conditions and the host it is infecting.

So let’s hope that new vaccine will be effective against all the mutation strains of Covid-19 and halt this pandemic permanently.


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