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Say no to alcohol if you want corona vaccine

 Vaccine and it's different unconditional side effects observed during the trials have attracted the minds of media globally. For example:

a) Facial paralysis in some volunteers:

b)     Or some other issues:

On similar grounds one more breaking news is out; the relationship between consumption of alcohol and vaccine shots.


Russia's Sputnik V Vaccine is bringing a discipline among the people by one contraindication. It depends on you to take positive or negative. For some people, it could be the worst nightmare ever, as it is indicated to stop the usage of alcohol for at least a period of 2 months. A health official warned it and gave it as important indications. If you are not consuming the alcohol then no issues!


In one of Komsomolskaya Pravda radio station programs the head of the consumer health watchdog, Anna Popova, said to stop drinking alcohol at least for a period of two weeks before getting the first shot of vaccine and even after that for the period of 2 months. The vaccine priorities are given to all doctors, soldiers, teachers, and social workers in a well-planned manner. There is a gap of 21 days between two shots as per their regulations.

Vaccination process (click on video)

The major issue is the upcoming celebration of New Year 2021. Alcohol is the major attraction to people all over the globe as part and parcel mode of celebration. In such a situation giving up alcohol could be a bad idea for most people in the coming days. It could not be a major issue to the people like us who not like or found of alcohol.



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