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How to end COVID-19? (Life After Lockdown Part IV)

How to end COVID-19?

Many people ask that when the coronavirus outbreak will end? Those people who have seen the suffering of coronavirus infected people’s in front of eyes can realize the real pain.

In reality, the immune system of the individual plays an important role in Covid-19. Proper diet in time and use of the prophylactics is found more effective against coronavirus. It was demonstrated in the previous chapters-
Previously I have mentioned that many people are not talking this pandemic seriously. Many people are not following basic ethics.
If we talk of the ethics, few people are not following preventive measures-
1)    Wearing the mask as the necklace (half mouth covered mask) I have previously discussed- Even if you do not use the mask of good quality (surgical or N-95) can spread the infection-
The mask during summer had created such a mess that people were suffocating. The hypoxia condition was developed (lack of oxygen to the body). The sweating from the mask was another major issue. I came across one person who was drastically affected by the use of the mask. Actually, it was live demo that I have observed. That person was wearing the mask and spectacles. The sweat was flowing through his spectacles to mask and the whole mask was wet. He was cleaning his mask with a handkerchief. The same handkerchief it was used over the mask, spectacles, over the ears, and finally into his pocket. Unknowingly this activity occurred from him. Now you all reply weather this activity is risky or not? Will the mask protect him from any infectious disease or will become the source of the infection.

2)    Not using sanitizer regularly. Even it’s not mandatory to use it if you use soap i.e. washing for 20 sec (minimum). Due to reluctance, I saw many of the people using a bar of soap if as it going to bite them. Even in less than 5-sec people are washing their hands. If you want to see a demo just observe around yourself.
3)    Nowadays if you see the roads and markets, people are traveling in a group as they are going to trip. The crowd is the basic reason for the spread of this pandemic. People visiting public places are behaving as a mess. They do not realize the fact that coronavirus will not give the group concession or going to leave any of the individuals, rather it will spread at a higher rate. This will be later on-call community infection in the third stage.
4)    Many people are reusing the surgical mask by washing it with soaps. Is this activity safe? Even a few people are selling such masks that quality is beyond the imagination. So it’s mandatory to purchase the mask from a proper person or from authentic medical shops/chemists.
5)    Purchasing the mask online is it safe? It depends upon the condition that it’s packed proper or sold openly without any covering or keeping in mind the sanitation. The online servers such as Amazon, Flipkart, snap deal may sell those article with customers, but the person working in the middle following the safety measures?

6)    Are you keeping the outdoor clothes or clothes used outside (market/ public places) separately in different places, out of the reach of the children’s? This is the biggest activity you have to decide. You cannot enter the home or bed with such clothes. Are you acting precautious?
7)    Still, people from outside (relatives/ friends) regularly visit your house? If you might be taking the precaution. Really do they take? Few may be an asymptomatic person. Check this link for more information.
8)    Are you giving the maid working your home the sick leave at this pandemic condition? Many such celebrities are seen got infected due to the maids or workers working in their houses. So, is it the right time to call our maids or servant back to the work in their sick condition or you will give them sick leave?
Thus you decide what measures should be taken to control such situation and suggested measures for it.
Stay connected… We’ll discuss this topic in detail as part-5 in the next session.
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