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Wearing Half Mask a Curse.... I Am Corona (Life after Lock-down part-II)

After a long time, I visited the city mall. I was standing in the mall after lockdown, a bit confused due to many people standing around me. 
Suddenly one lady standing at the counter sneezed. She was wearing the half mask. The boy cashier who was making the bill didn’t alter a word to that lady. She smiled and went away. This was the story narrated by one of my friends who visited the mall in the evening. He left the mall without taking any commodities and returned back to home. He asked me “wearing the half mask can protect you from the Covid-19 infection. I was surprised and asked, “what is the concept of wearing a half mask”. Today I will discuss the scenario around us which we call life after lockdown part-II.
Last day we talked about the ethics and rules-regulation an ideal citizen should follow regarding prevention of  infection:
Half mask
Nowadays most people are wearing masks as fashion instead of protective kits. Due to this fashion new concept came into existence that is wearing half masks. What is this?

People are now following new concept to wear the mask, it is wearing it till chin or on the chin or only on the mouth. Some of them wear the mask and at time of sneezing they remove and again cover the face that is wearing half. I asked one such candidate standing in a public place and doing this activity of sneezing out and wearing again after it. He said “I don’t enjoy sneezing inside the mask and it makes mask wet, so I prefer to sneeze out. But as a moral responsibility, I again wear it”.  So such educated illiterate people are responsible for spreading not only Covid-19 but also other communicable diseases. Such scenarios are seen nowadays after lockdown around you. For instant suppose a lady who sneezed at the counter is suffering from some infectious disease (for example- TB, Swine flu or Covid-19). The droplet microbes will get lodged at the counter. Suppose if you keep your purchased article at the counter, it will get adhered to it. You will carry the same home and what next you all know. Even if you use hard cash, credit/debit cards for payment at the counter during that condition, it will again spread the infection. I don’t understand why people don’t hesitate to do such activity (unhygienic). Even many people do not bother to ask such a non-ethical person to stop such non-sense. When that lady sneezed with half mask, the boy did not utter a single word against her. Another surprising thing that I saw today is few people wear wearing half mask and spitting from it. Many people while driving a bike or any two-wheeler were wearing a mask on the neck, the mask even not came up to the mouth.
A study published in the Journal of Hospital Infection said the virus remains in the air for up to three hours, copper – 4 hours, cardboard -24 hours, and on steel articles up to 2-4 days. It was found that the virus gets inactivated by using disinfectants containing 70 % ethanol, or 0.5% hydrogen peroxide or 0.1% sodium hypochlorite. Thus you decide how to control such a situation! and suggest measures for it, in your comment. Stay connected… We’ll discuss this topic in detail as part-III in the next session.
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