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Australian CSL vaccine terminated for showing false HIV response

The Australian coronavirus vaccine has been abandoned as a volunteer found false HIV positive results after trials.


Australian firm CSL and the University of Queensland (UQ) developed a vaccine which earlier Australia decided to buy 51 million doses for the local public as the government felt that ordering other vaccines may not fulfill the need of the country. The false positive HIV test created a mess in front of the government.

CSL and UQ claimed that the HIV positive results were false and none of there Volunteers are at any health risk.

Previously many issues were raised due to vaccine developing pharmaceutical companies globally.

Vaccine and it's different unconditional side effects observed during the trials have attracted the minds of media globally. For example:

a)     Facial paralysis in some volunteers:

b)     Or some other issues:

     c) On similar grounds one more breaking news was out; the relationship between consumption of alcohol and vaccine shots as:



The CSL vaccine is going through stage one trials and found effective in developing the antibodies. But on contrary, it also produced immune-based HIV antibodies which are showing false HIV positive reports in some recipients.

These people when were further investigated were found HIV negative.

CSL and UQ claimed that this issue will be sorted out in a year, prompting a decision to abandon the trial.

Brendan Murphy, secretary of Australia's Department of Health stated that vaccine is working but we did not want a false-positive test resulting in confusion and lack of confidence.

Click on the video for more information. 


So let hope for some good quality vaccine in the coming time, instead of getting some emergency level vaccine. It’s better to wait for some full-proof vaccine with minimal or zero side effect vaccine in near future.  



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