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Chinese Sinopharm vaccine trails halted in Peru?

Many issues are raised during the trails of coronavirus vaccine trails. 

One of issue is raised in Peru. This country has temporarily suspended vaccine trials made by Chinese drug giant Sinopharm after detecting neurological problems in one of its test volunteers.

The National Institute of Health halted the trails as per the local report observing a volunteer showing difficulty in moving their arms and some other mobility issues.

"This issue was viewed few days ago" explained by regulatory authorities (chief researcher German Malaga) that one of our participants during trials  showing neurological symptoms corresponding to Guillain-Barre syndrome,"  in press reports.

So what is this 

Guillain-Barre syndrome?

It is a non-contagious disorder which restrict the movement of the body which may be arms or legs/ both. 

In the 1970s a same case was observed during the campaign to innoculate Americans against a swine flu vaccine where it was halted by observing 450 people with a syndrome, which can also cause paralysis.

Peru's clinical trials was suspended for the Sinopharm vaccine after testing 12,000 people. 

Peruvian government  was expecting to buy vaccine and to inculcate amongst 20 million people that is around two-thirds of its population.

The similar type of vaccines trails  are in process in Argentina, Russia and Saudi Arabia. 


Click the video to know the previous fact about this vaccine.

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